He said it twice

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What’s in your hands

well, I wasn’t expecting God to ask me the question again! Yet isn’t that often the way, he wants truth to settle on your heart so he reminds you again.

What’s in your hands


Today I was reading 1 Sam 17, the story of David and Goliath. Now I have done so many church skits, listened to so many preaches, coloured in so many pictures of this story, that I thought I knew it back to front and upside down. Still, this time (and maybe it was the blonde roast latte that I was drinking), as I read through, the familiar words hit me as if new. Then God asked the question me “what is in your hands” followed by “remember, be faithful with the few”. The very same words that He had spoken the week before!

David’s Quest

Photo by Sam Carter on Unsplash

I think sometimes I read the story of David here and think that somehow he knew all that time watching sheep while his brothers were being ‘the real warriors’ living the dream life of being in the King’s army! As if he knew this was just preparation for his ‘moment’ in front of the King. I doubt this is true. Instead, he was just faithful with what God had given him. How can we be faithful with what God has given us? He is so excited about what He has given you and so looking forward to partnering with you in it. 

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

I can be really tempted to look at what others have a wish (or if I’m feeling super holy – pray) for what they have. It is often that God reminds me to be faithful with what he has given me, to open my eyes to all he has for me right now!

Eliab’s Anger

David’s brother Eliab was not faithful with the few. My guess is, like the rest of the Army, his heart has been filled with fear. When his young upstart of a brother comes along with faith – it makes him angry. He misses the opportunity to be part of something incredible. He misses what’s there in his hands. Let us not miss opportunities God presents through others, because we are holding on to pride, disappointment or fear. Instead, may we continually refuel with faith in who God is, and who you are in him.

Saul’s Blinkers

Like Eliab Saul has blinkered thinking. He’s not angry, but he does assume a giant can only be slain one way – his way. He tries to put David in his own armour and David must have looked and felt ridiculous – at any rate the could hardly move in it. Instead, David used what was in his hands. He had learnt to be faithful with the few (the sheep in the field) 

script ig (1)

In this season, ask God to help you enjoy what He has given you and to use it well. Keep your mind fixed on him and who he is rather than what may be. Keep being faithful with the few, using all that he has given you.


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