In Your Hands

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone this series and having a go at turning The Hopefuelled into a podcast. I need to learn a bit more about how it all works but you have to start sometime!

“what have you got in your hands”

This was the question, God asked me as I prayed for the work of the Trust this week. I’d been concentrating on praying for the future, seeking Him for guidance and wisdom – yet this was the question He asked me.

So I opened my diary and talked to Him about my week, my daily plans – what was in my hands this week.

The question was born out of a passage in Matthew 25 known as The Parable of the Talents. I kept thinking about the ‘future growth’ the two servants made, but God was wanting me to see the investment they made with the few. The faithfulness they showed.

“what have you got in your hands”

My prayer of encouragement for you is that you continue to be faithful with the few, with what you have been given. I remember a story from the previous schools’ worker about at CU I helped within a local school – it seemed so vibrant and between 30 and 40 pupils turned up each week. She told me how just over a year earlier it had been her and one other pupil. They committed each week to pray for their school and one day this group turned up to pray with them and it continued to grow and grow.

Another story I heard at a conference was from a retired headteacher. In his late 70’s he had received a phone call from an old colleague who informed him that the pupils were worshipping in the outdoor area, and what should they do about it. Apparently a very small CU had been meeting and worshipping in a classroom and more and more people started coming into the room to the point that they couldn’t ft and ended up spilling to the outdoor area. This headteacher had prayed every single day that he worked in that school and even into retirement that God would significantly move. He didn’t get to see it in his time there, yet he was faithful in prayer.

These aren’t your stories, and they won’t be; God is writing a different narrative for your generation and for your community. May this fuel you with hope It’s tailored to you and His purposes for your life. Still, the theme stays the same – be faithful with the few


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