Five ways to bless your church


I remember the day I was given the most prestigious role in our church service – I was asked to put the songs onto the OHP. In my mind, this was a step up from the flower rota that I had previously been on. I loved that job though and actually ended up doing both. I learned so much from the older ladies in my church who’d been arranging flower displays for years. The OHP server though was exciting – I had to be quick in recognizing songs and getting the words up in time for people to be able to continue singing along!

I’ve been a youth leader for a long time now, I’ve always been ‘for’ including youth in the running of the church. You often have fantastic ideas and creativity and I love seeing your gifting flourish! You are an integral part of your church! So here are 5 ways you can bless your church! Why not try it this week

Grab yourself a free workout!

If you are in a church that has to set up equipment then a great way to bless your church is to offer to help set up. You can see it as a free workout (making sure you lift and place carefully!)

Grow Your Own

What are your skills and hobbies? Is there a way you can use these to bless the church? Perhaps you are a baker or enjoy cooking – is there someone you could bless with a cake or a meal? Maybe you are a knitter – could you knit something for a new mum in your church? Maybe you are great at approaching people and could join the welcome team, or you, like me, could have the song lyric responsibility or see if you can help with PA or even worship team.

Pray For Your Leaders

The Bible asks us to pray for our leaders. As a youth group, why not write a letter to the leaders asking how you could pray for them. As a group, you could spend some time praying and looking up encouraging bible verses to write in a card to them.

Pray for the Church

If you are a church that allows people to pray out loud or speak prophetically during the meeting then take time during the week to ask God to speak to you for the church.

If your church has a notices sheet or prays up front for people who are ill or in need then why not write down those people’s names and take time to pray for them in the week.

Show up

“And let us not give up meeting together. Some are in the habit of doing this. Instead, let us encourage one another with words of hope”

You are integral to your church! You are a blessing just by showing up and being present, enjoying fellowship and worship with your family and friends.

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