5 ways to Refuel prayers for our friends

Yesterday, my friend called me up and asked if I wanted to come round and meet her week old baby. Before I went I prayed for them, it felt so easy and simple to pray for my friends and their newborn. This is not usual, sometimes it just feels so difficult to pray for friends and family. What can we do when our prayer life feels stale?

Pop the Question

My prayer list has not been changed up in a while. I’m not even sure whether my friends still need prayer for some of these things! My first step is to drop them a call or a text and ask. It can be as simple as ‘hey what do you need prayer for at the moment’ or ‘what’s God been talking to you about lately that I can pray for’ or even ‘ you know ____ that you were talking about – where’s the situation at now’ (you can do this one even if they don’t know you are praying for them

Refuel Inspiration

When my prayer life is dry, its often because it’s become routine. I sit in the same spot, with the same list, in the same order, drinking from the same cup (although the coffee is fresh!)

Change it up

Create a mindmap, or a photo collage or book if you are creative. Get outside for a run or walk and take a list with you to stop with halfway and pray through. Mark friends names on your water bottle so whenever you stop for water you pray for them! Make friendship bracelets or organise a get together so you can remind yourself of what is going on in your friendship group. Create a song list that reminds you of your friends! Whatever you do … change it up!!


I am super impatient and often forget how important it is to just wait on God to speak! Praying for my friends creatively or actively helps because it slows me down allowing me to listen. A simple prayer could be “Lord, show me what to pray for___”  or “Show me how you see___ or what you want for___ then wait and see what God says


Pray in the way you best connect with God. For me that sticking on some worship music. Reminding myself of the gospel with something like this

or something with no words like this spotify list.


You may find, the creative ideas above help! I often write my prayers out and then repray them outloud!

Yet, I love the times, when I’m with Christian friends and we’re chatting through life and one of us says, shall we just stop and pray. We’ve been in cafes, pubs, cars or front rooms when we have done this. It’s so powerful and never wasted. Why not try it this week?

Tell Them

Why not set up a whats app group with a few friends who will pray for each other – then tell people when you’ve prayed, if appropriate

Or next time you are in church, tell them you’ve been praying for them and offer to pray there and then too

or drop them a text

That sounds a bit intense

Recently I stepped out of my comfort zone. I have a friend who is very much not a Christian (her words), who is going through a really tough time. I really felt I needed to pray for her and when I did God put into my mind a couple of bible verses. I wasn’t sure if to text her,  but in the end, I decided to. She said it was exactly what she needed to hear and she would hold on to them! Yay God!Zesty Color Blocking.png

I hope this has given you some ideas to

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