5 Goals to Grow Your Faith

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to our new series! This term we are giving you 5 quick ideas on how to grow your relationship with Jesus. We believe that there is always more that Jesus wants to grow in your life and show you about himself! Remember, its not about comparing yourself to anyone is…  no looking to the left or the right… fix your eyes on Him!

Seeing as its New Year we thought we’d start with thinking about how we grow this year! It’s my belief that resolutions and goals can often be set in the spirit of disappointment and fear. Instead Jesus asks us to fix our eyes on Him and He will lead us! It is OK to set goals, make resolutions but start from knowing you are fully loved and fully covered by grace!

1. Resolve to allow His words to change you

I often see people writing that they are going to read the bible more/completely this year! I think its wonderful, and there are some great resources like this one.* It is important to know the full story. It is also important to allow His words to change you. If you don’t know what to do yet; maybe choose a psalm a day, or work phrase by phrase through a part of the new testament. I love writing out the phrase and then asking God what He wants to teach me through it, or using it to fuel my prayers

2. Resolve to use your gifting

How has Jesus made you? Many people use the SHAPE idea to think about this. Can you see any spiritual gifts in your life (even at a small level)?, what fires up your heart? What are your natural abilities? What is your personality like? What experiences have you had? It might be worth talking to your parents or youth leaders too to see what they see in you. Ask God to show you how you can honour him by using your gifts this year! .

3. Resolve to experiment with  prayer

Are you (like me) stuck in the same old rut of prayer. Even the things I was excited about, after a while seem boring to pray! We’ve got some great ideas to share with you about how to change up your prayer life!

4. Resolve to connect with others

We live in a busy world and it can be easy to drop out of the things that are good for our soul! Resolve to commit to church and youth group regularly this year. This doesn’t mean you have to go to every single service and meeting!! Committing is about heart before feet. Why not see if your small group could set up a prayer whats app where you can safely share prayer requests and share what God is speaking to you and for others in your group!

5. Resolve to spice up your music taste

I love singing, I love music but sometimes on a Sunday I feel like i’m just on autopilot singing songs without meaning! I think its great to widen your taste and not just listen to the same worship songs or band or genre. This is one I’ve been loving lately. It’s different to our churches style but I can’t wait to introduce it to them!


*we are giving away one of these to one lucky local! If you are involved with @CCSWT schoolwork or part of a East Kent youth group … comment below with “Let’s make this the best year ever”  for the chance to win

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