As we move on in advent, we remember Mary. I often forget, she was real, this was all real and all played out in real time. In our Nativity, Mary goes from being pregnant to giving birth in a matter of minutes. In real life, this doesn’t happen quite so quickly. She had to wait.

In Romans 8: 17- 25 Paul talks about waiting and suffering. He doesn’t deny the suffering happens, no that we should just ‘laugh them off as nothing’. Instead, he says “compare them”. These words are helpful to us today. Paul is not talking about a particular happening in his life, rather the present sufferings of the fallen world. He says even creation is eagerly waiting, longing, groaning for the Hope that is to come. The full redemption of the whole earth. The new Heaven and new earth.

My family tradition was always to leave the presents from under the tree until Chrismas morning. Father Christmas would ‘magically’ make them appear. I eagerly waiting for that morning to come. Sometimes I was longing so much for it – here I was ‘suffering’ without my new toys(!!), sometimes I doubted, what if he forgot us? Yet, I hoped in what I could not see, I hoped in who I believed he was and on Christmas morning, all the gifts would be there. To wait with patience, I had to rest, sleep and hope.

What are you waiting for? Are you suffering in your waiting? I know there are places where I am waiting for God’s Kingdom to advance, and hurting as I wait. In these moments, I rest in knowing who He is; the Father of Christmas. I wait, I hope and I eagerly expect that these present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed.

Father, please fuel us with hope as we wait. #wearethehopefuelled

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