Yesterday we started reading through Romans 8, looking at verse 1. Reason number 1 that fuels our Hope is that we are the uncondemned. What does that mean for us? It means we can approach God blameless, knowing our Father does not disapprove of us.

Where does that leave us? Verse 2

For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus
from the law of sin and death

A couple of years ago I was invited to help out at a Children’s Camp. As well as overseeing a group of year 7 girls, I had to choose a team to be on. At this stage, I had been in my church worship team for a year singing bv and so this is what I asked to do. The first few days were great Then with two days to go, the women leading worship handed me the folder and said, it’s yours now. Confused, I asked why I was now in possion of the music folder. “oh I’m going home early” she said “you’re leading the next two days, did noone tell you”

NO!!! no one told me because if they had it would have been answered with a big


I can’t lead, I’ve never had any experience and I can’t sing like she can and I hardly know the songs and and and…. the excuses bounded around my brain. Then to add even more pressure the organiser announced that the following night; ex-camp leaders and investors to the camp were joining us for the evening! Within the ex-camp leaders, I soon found out form my excitable Year 7 group was the favourite worship leader from the last few years. Maybe he could do it, I suggested, but no, it was down to me.

One of the songs my group begged me to do was We Are The Free by Matt Redman. As I sat outside the Year 7 dorm until the wee hours of the morning (they were VERY excitable) I realised that all my concerns were wrapped up in fear. The fear was coming from laws such as “I have to sing perfectly”,  “I must be like these other leaders”, “I am nothing like these other leaders and so will fail” “What if I get the song wrong I can’t get the song wrong!”

As I listened to this song, I realised the truth in today’s reading. I am no longer bound by law. God, the children and the leaders were not going to condemn me. That truth set me free.

In this season of advent – ask yourself where laws are holding you in fear. As that you would know the freedom in Christ Jesus!

When praying for your friend today, ask God to break any fears they have surrounding faith, church and Jesus.

and if you want a retro track have a listen


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