Twelve Reasons

Welcome back! We’re here with an Advent series of the HopeFuelled! In the New Year we are planning to get a post out every week – so let us know any themes and ideas you’d like us to work with. Comment below your ideas!

This advent, we are going to work through the wonderful passage that is Romans 8. We know this is, however, a super busy time of year so the posts will be short and reflective! Most of the time we will also just be zooming down into one verse. We want to give you 12 reasons to fuel your hope this Christmas and today we are starting at verse 1.



There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

I wonder, did Mary know the full weight of who she carried. That one day because of this baby, we would be saved and that the law, which she would have so closely followed would no longer condemn her.

Do you know that you are no longer condemned if you know Jesus as your saviour? What does this mean? I looked up a dictionary definition.

Condemn: express disapproval, criticize, denounce, blame, chastise, berate, sentence to punishment (particularly death)

To be uncondemned is to have this removed from you. The father does not disapprove of you, criticize you, denounce you, blame you chastise or berate you. Moreso, he does not punish you or sentence you to death. Instead, he proclaims over your life!

At Gather this month Ben talked about how maybe we can have a skewed picture of who the Father is. What do your friends and family who don’t know Jesus think about who God is?

This evening, spend some time thanking God for releasing you from condemnation!

Pray for a friend or family member that doesn’t know Jesus; that over this season they would have a better understanding of who God is.


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