The HopeFuelled

Welcome to our Back to School Devotional

What’s this all about?

Over the summer we have been praying for you. God led us to pray for you in three specific areas: the festival, the aftermath, the long term.

The Festival

Our prayer was that you would encounter God and receive fresh revelation about who He is, salvation and living in the new life he has given you! That you would be filled with Hope

The Aftermath

It happened to be that as we prayed for you, we also were reading Colossians. As we read the letter, we began to use it to pray for you. You can download the full letter here. Our prayer was that this summer would be a springboard for growth. The prayer led to the short devotional that we will be posting in the run up to school starting again.

The Long Term

That working together with local youth workers CCSWT would be able to fuel your hope in Christ. Through engaging with you, supporting CU’s, mentoring you and hosting Gather and other evangelistic events

continue in the faith, stable and steadfast, not shifting from the hope of the gospel that you heard

Happy reading!

There’s so much that God wants to be working in you and we are so excited to see how He grows and changes you!

You are the Hope Fuelled

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